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For most of us, much of our lives are not only a time of learning, but of growth and questioning of values.

Spirituality or religious belief, or at least an exploration of each, can be an important part of that search. Meditation, fellowship with others and belief in values or higher wisdom can make our years more serene as well as fulfilling.

BEYOND THE GALAXY brings together some of the more interesting religious and spiritual links on the Web, daily meditations, college spiritual group directories and more!

Whether you chose a formal religion, a more esoteric spirituality or just a fulfilling fellowship, following the age-old teaching of St.Paul in 1st. Corinthians seems pretty good to us---and what spirituality is all about---to practice faith, hope and love---and of these, love is the greatest!

Virtual Jerusalem
Search the Bible
Dharma and Nirvana
Jewish Search Engine
Baha'i World
Judaism Search (Shamash)
Ocean of Merit (Tibetan Buddhism)
Best of Christian Web
Zen Links
Goshen Christian Search Engine
Daily Wisdom
Summer of Love ('60's) Spirituality

Muslims, Newman and Hillel Clubs, Catholic & Protestant Resources, Native Spirituality, Krisna Consciousness, lots more---Coming Soon!

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